As the skirmishes between India and Pakistan started in the volatile region of Rann of Kutch, a flight of No 9 squadron under the command of Sqn Ldr Middle coat was dispatched to Mauripur. Farooq was also the member of this select group. The flight was tasked in the battle of Biar Bet to keep the Indian army away from Pak troops in the Kutch area. He flew numerous daring missions during this period and kept Indian army under pressure. Soon the dispute settled in favour of Pakistan. However the tensions started to build up in Kashmir. Anticipating an all-out war with India his flight was called back to Sargodha in August 1965.

As the war started in first week of September, he was detailed to fly the important combat air patrol missions over Kashmir.  On 1 September, when Rafiqui drew the first blood in Chamb sector, he along with others provided the top cover to his formation. Throughout the 1965 war, the F-104’s played the role of bouncers, scaring away the IAF from attacking Pakistani troops.

The deterrence so created remained intact until the ceasefire. Farooq flew numerous CAP missions in Akhnur, Chamb, Wagah, Jammu and Samba sectors and provided shield to the various strike formations. In order to clear their tails and to make them successful.

Perhaps the most important event which shot him to sudden fame during the war was the ‘super sonic boom’ mission carried out at Amritsar. AM Nur Khan, being the visionary C-in-C asked him to perform a low level super sonic boom at Amritsar. The idea was to harass the enemy in the opening round of the war and also to prove the lethality of F-104 aircraft.  He succeeded in both. On that fateful day, he flew two supersonic passes over Amritsar. During the first pass the ack ack opened up but it was no match to the super sonic flight of the Star (Link  will despatch)Fighter. Immediately after the 1st pass he was asked to repeat the heorics for one more time.but  This time the Indian guns were ready and they had providedan umbrella of ack ack fire , the sky was red and there was no way that any air craft can get through yet Farooq Umar was not deterred and he went through the mountain of the ack ack fire for 2nd time  .  By the time he landed back, All India Radio came up with interesting stories. It narrated that 8 F-86 aircraft attacked and had rocketed/bombed the Amritsar airfield. The mission thus succeded in achieving desired results.

Farooq also flew numerous Photo recce missions deep inside enemy territory. These  daring missions provided valuable intelligence to PAF in making future moves during the war. In all he flew 23 combat missions during the war. He also played a key role in providing top cover in the battle of Chawinda, and Indian air force attack on Sargodha during which MM Alam shot down five Hunters, destruction of Amritsar radar etc.

After the 1965, war PAF leadership shortlisted French Mirage aircraft for induction in to the fleet of PAF. Not surprisingly, Farooq Omer was selected by MM Alam to be amongst the pioneering 6 pilots selected to lay their hands on the new weapon system and to become instructor pilots . He was also among the first badge of pilots who were selected to ferry 1st 6 Mirages from France to Pakistan via Italy , Turkey and Iran.

F-104 star fighter landing back during Kashmir Operation at sun set 1965 Indo Pakistan war after breaking sound barrier twice over Amrit Sar … This photo was selected by AM Asghar Khan president PIA and given by AM Nur Khan commander En Chief Paksitan Air force , PIA published this on PIA calendar 1966 for distribution all over the world as a symbol of Pakistan having performed well in 1965 … Its historic …

Farooq Umar Reading book while doing air defense alert duty at Sargodha and wearing spurs for jumping into the F-104 at short notice . the second helmet belongs to ACM Jamal A Khan then wing Commander Jamal.

An F-104 B flown by Flight Lt Aftab Alam and Middle coat and 2nd time Middle coat and Farooq Umar high speed photography with hand held camera over Halwara with Lot of Ack Ack and successful high speed photography during 1965 war.

ACM Arjun sigh CNC Indian Air force being receive by Flt lt Farooq Umar and wing commander Afzal on his landing at Peshawar to resolve the POW (Prisoner of war) Issue.

ACM Arjun sigh CNC Indian Air force being receive by Flt lt Farooq Umar and wing commander Afzal on his landing at Peshawar to resolve the POW (Prisoner of war) Issue.

Destruction of Amritsar Radar . Air Chief Marshal Shamim , Cecil Ch , Flt Lt Pa Munir, Flt Lt Imtiaz Bhatti and combat air patrol for tail clearance Air vice Marshal Amjad Hussain and Air Vice Marshal Farooq Umar .

The great battle of Chawinda supported from the air by PAF . Flt Lt Cecil Ch in F-86 along with many pilots and his tail clearance being done by Flt Lt Farooq Umar , Flt Lt Abbas Mirza and Flt Lt Rashid Bhatti etc . The biggest Tank battle after 2nd world war.

Sqn Ldr Alla U Din attacking and destroying the Gurdaspur Marshaling yard with his three other pilots. With top cover being provided by Farooq Umar and Late Arif Iqbal .

Sqn Ldr Jamal A Khan destroying an Indian Canberra at night near Qasoor . Closely followed by Middle coat and Flt Lt Farooq Umar to give cover to Jamal A Khan as a back up in case his attack were to become abortive. The only Canberra shot down near Qasoor during the end of the 65 war.

F-86’s Destroying long range guns At BRB Canal between Jalo and Attari to destroy Lahore city . Sqn Ldr Azim Daod Potta with Flt Lt Amanullah , Flt Lt Saif UL Azam , Parvez , Saleem and Aftab Raja etc . combat Air patrol by Flt Lt Farooq Umar and Flt Lt Arif Manzoor.

During Indian armour Attack at Wahga on the first day of the war Indian tanks are seen burning after attack by Sqn Leader Sajad Haider , Flt Lt Ghani Akbar , Flt Lt Dilwar , Khalid Latif and Arshad Sami support by FLt Lt Farooq , FLt Lt Arif Manzoor in high speed patrol while giving top cover to this formation 1965 war.