PAC Kamra Mid 1986- Mid 1990

After having base commander Drig Road he was promoted and sent as DG Kamra . It is here that he modernized the complex and out of his major achievements first one was that he made Kamra well known the world over. He also Initiated the rebuilding of F-6 , FT-6 and later F-7 Chinese Air craft. On the French side he was successful in winning the Dubai Air force Mirages to be rebuilt in Kamra. Earning precious foreign exchange for Pakistan. And other big achievement was the up engining of Mashak air craft to super Mashak . and the manufacturing of K-8 Jet trainer jointly with China . On the western Engine side he achieved the rebuilding of F-16 Engine and doubling its life from 1000 flying hours to 2200 flying hours and many more achievements in his four years stay . Also while at Kamra he flew the F-16 Air craft while the Russu Afghan war was taking place . There after he became deputy chief of air staff electronics Later he became Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Electronics) for nearly two years. After that he became first managing director of Shaheen Air line and he pioneered the setting up of Shaheed Air Line , Shaheen Air International , Shaheen Air port services Lahore etc .

PAC Kamra 1986

The expansion and modernization of PAC Kamra and exports across the world of spare parts and components built in PAC Kamra … In addition the life doubling of F-16 engines the manufacture of K-8 Jet trainer with ground attack capability and many many more small and big projects during this period along with export of finished product to Abu Dahbi etc.

Farooq foundation self-reliance in Aviation technology K-8 jet trainer program commencement with contract signing at PAC Kamra … 1987 between AVM Farooq Umar and Mr.Liao Gao Min of catic in china … the 1st step towards self reliance in joint air craft manufacture in Pakistan and China …A major step forward

The start of Military commercial work at PAC Kamra … Gen Talat , secretary defense production introducing the prince of Abu Dahbi along with Avm Farooq Umar DG Kamra … 1988

Sep 1988 formal handing over Abu Dabian Mirges to To Abu Dabian Air force after rebuilding at PAC Kamra (3)

Sep 1988 formal handing over Abu Dabian Mirges to To Abu Dabian Air force after rebuilding at PAC Kamra (7)

Sep 1988 formal handing over Abu Dabian Mirges to To Abu Dabian Air force after rebuilding at PAC Kamra (7)

ACM Hakimullah discussing with Avm Farooq Umar and officers at PAC Kamra.

Sep 1988 formal handing over Abu Dabian Mirges to To Abu Dabian Air force after rebuilding at PAC.

Sep 1988 formal handing over Abu Dabian Mirges to To Abu Dabian Air force after rebuilding at PAC

AVM Farooq Umar introducing the King to managing director Air craft manufacturing factory . Senator Wasim Sajad looks on .

King Hussain of Jordan appreciates super Mashak air craft manufactured by PAC Kamra and is interested in Mashak flying in jodanian air force .

The King is enjoying the kit assembled air craft at AMF and laughs when he told that its cost is less than a BMW .

Farooq Foundation flash back of PAC Kamra … Commander UAE Navy visits PAC Kamra … and is being received … by air vice Marshal Farooq Umar DG … Late 1980’s

Farooq foundation History … Time and tide wait for nobody .. A flash back of 1988 at PAC Kamra … ACM Mushaf Ali Mir as Group Cap , Muzamil Saeed as ACDR and AVM Farooq Umar wtih Akbar Mehdi at a Pakistan Day banquet Dinner …

Friends Do You Know Who Is Who In this Photo … Left to Right Squadron Leader Saif Ul Azam The 2nd best Ace after M.M Alam … He downed many Israeli Air Craft while defending Jordan in 1967 and many Indian Air crafts while defending Pakistan in 1965 Indo Pak War … Here seen with AVM Farooq Umar at PAC Kamra in 1987 … Saif Ul Azam is still alive .

In in set AVM Farooq Umar seen in F-16 A model at Kamra during Russo Afghan Operation 1990.

Air Vice Marshal Farooq Umar DGPAC with ACDR Shokat MD F-6 Factory attending a girls school function at Kamra .

AVM FArooq briefing Lt General Akbar and Lt General Zaidi both of Pindi corpse .

AVM FArooq briefing about super Mashak Air Craft to Lt General Zahid Ali Akbar and Lt General Zaidi both of Pindi corpse .

Left to right ACDR Akbar Mehdi and AVM Farooq Umar enjoying dinner in Texas USA as guests of General dynamics the manufacturers of F-16 Air crafts .

Side view of the nose section of K-8 prototype .

Farooq foundation self reliance in Aviation technology… AVM Farooq Umar DGPAC Kamra inspecting the instrument panel within the cockpit and Judging the Ergonomics of the cockpit lay out before signaling the engineers to proceed further in the development of the air craft …
Stage 1 of K-8 manufacture jointly with China was signing of protocole and MOU after that was manufacturing of the prot.

Avm Farooq Umar Chatting with the design team of the Chinese and Pakistani engineers and checking the design calculations

Pratt and Whitney plant san Antonio USA F-16 Engines 1st from left Acdr Athar, AVM FArooq Umar and USA engineer.

AVM Farooq Umar briefing ACM Jamal A Khan Chief of the air staff at Kamra

AVM FArooq Umar addressing the Warrant officers and senior NCO’s of Mirage Factory

AVM Farooq visiting Mirage rebuild factory and congratulating the performance of technicians of MRF individually for job well done .

The machining section of the cockpit prototype manufacturing section .

AVM Farooq Umar visiting the Jigs tools and fixtures of Mirage rebuild factory.

Air vice marshal Farooq Umar inaugurating the MODC units at Kamra in F-6 RF