[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Royal College of Defence Studies London:-

He was the First and Only Asian student who was Honoured and was Requested by the British to give a Presentation to the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of England( Mrs Margaret Thatcher) regarding “Pakistan’s Importance for NATO” and the Need for Pakistan to rejoin the British Common Wealth”. (While in RCDS London 1982).

Royal college of Defense study 1982 Course London. End of Course Report Graduation Report.

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In order to defend our motherland AVM Farooq Umar has fought many Major and Minor battles as a Thorough Bred Combat pilot. He defended Pakistan against India in the battle of “Biar Bet” in the “Run of KUTCH” After that in Kashmir Operations and the Battle of Akhnur near Jammu, followed by Active participation in the Indo_Pak war 1965, and Indo-Pak war 1971, as well as the Arab-Israel war 1973. (Air Defence Operations only)

1973 Arab Israel War Certificate by commander Libyan Air Force Col Farjani confirming sqn Ldr Farooq Umar having commanded two Mirage fighters squadrons at Libya during and having trained the Libyan and Egyptian pilots at Okba bin Nafa Air base from 1972-74